Why I Make Tutorials

If you couldn't tell, I love sharing knowledge. One of my favorite ways of sharing that knowledge is via tutorial videos as seen at Brotsky.TV or my YouTube Channel. At the time of this blog post I currently have about 110K views on just over 100 videos. While these aren't amazing numbers in comparison to viral videos that get millions of plays per day they truly make me feel good that people are using my videos to help them with a task. Although making these videos are mainly meant to help others and contribute to the online community, I do have a few selfish reasons for making them:

1) Becoming Known

A goal of mine is to become a kind of developer and designer celebrity. I want people see my work in the future and be able to spot my signature touches. Creating videos that are seen by thousands and hopefully millions of people is my first step to achieving this goal.

2) Google

A good way to attract new business is to make sure when a person Googles your name or your company's name lots of positive information comes up. Each time I create a tutorial video my name is attached to a piece of content that gives me more credibility. While it is unlikely that someone will go through every video or article that is written about me, it does happen, and positive information goes a long way.

3) Appearing as an Expert

Unfortunately in the software business you come across a lot of "developers" that tell you that they know a technology that they don't. These people have caused many paranoid customers that are afraid that I will sell them a service that I don't have experience. A great solution to this is just to show the customer how I have videos explaining exactly how to do what they are looking to do.

4) Am I worried about losing business?

Not what-so-ever. My average day of programming involves coding things that are very difficult to create tutorials. They are either so specific to a client's project or because they involve complications that are difficult to explain in a YouTube video. I figure that yes, I may lose a job for some easy work here and there, but I will gain the respect of the person that learned from me. That respect will hopefully translate into something bigger and better for everyone down the road.

5) Ad Revenue

I am currently averaging about 7,000 plays per month on my YouTube channel, and it earns me about $20 to $25 per month in ad revenue. Making videos for $20 isn't worth the time spent on it for me, but the traffic for most videos is fairly consistent. It's looking like I'm guaranteed to have an extra few bucks for the next few years whether I work on new videos or not.

6) New Business

Every once in a while someone finds my video and decides that I will be able to help them, so they decide to contact me. I have gotten multiple clients for my business from these videos in the last few years.

7) Client Help Videos

I made my first few videos help clients with various tasks and decided to post them on YouTube to hopefully either reuse them or help someone random. Making these videos usually takes less time than explaining how to do the task on the phone and gives more advantages to the client. They can share the video with their colleagues, re-watch a section they didn't understand the first time, and save the video for the future in case they forget how the task is performed. When this is all set and done, the client is happier, and I have saved time.

8) Training Employees

Questions tend to be repeated and if I have already made a video explaining the task I don't have to sit there and explain how to do it over and over again. In the future, I would like a database of 1000s of my videos so I will be able to train more employees with more efficiency.

9) Giving Back

The Internet has taught me almost everything I know. At this point, I believe that I need to start giving some of that knowledge back so more people could learn.

10) The World is Slightly Better

While these videos aren't solving world hunger and pointless wars are still being fought, I have made the day a little easier for someone who figured out a solution to a bug because of my tutorial. And that makes the world just a little bit better.