Importance of Making My Bed

I never saw the importance the of making my bed until recently. I never did it. It seemed like a useless task. Why would I ever make my bed only to mess it up at the end of my day? I understood why I should make my bed when I was expecting guests, but even that was low on my priority list.

A few weeks ago I watched a video that I found on LinkedIn in which a Navy Seal explains the importance of making your bed. I thought, why not, let's give it a try, making my bed in the morning doesn't sound too hard. To Erica's (my girlfriend) delight, I have been making the bed almost every day as part of my morning ritual.

While making my bed doesn't exactly change the world it does set me up to have a productive day. At the very least, after I make the bed, I am making Erica a little happier when she gets home, and I have improved my living environment look cleaner. Starting off with a productive habit sparked me to start cleaning up a bit more as well. Making the bed motivates me to keep my place looking at its best which is excellent for when I have unexpected guests or not feeling overwhelmed by a mess.

One of the most challenging parts to being productive during the day is simply getting started. Adding the simple task of making my bed gets me going and on that path. The next task is much easier since I'm already warmed up and motivated to make a difference.